“Angels of Brooklyn” is a documentary about three Puerto Rican girls all living in the Bushwick projects in the heart of Brooklyn. The three girls Marlene, Isabel and Nicole each have their own dreams and plans of how to escape from the Bushwick projects towards a more promising future.

Because of their parents’ lack of support, growing up has been a struggle for the girls and it is as if they have already reached a level of exhaustion and stress, which makes it almost impossible for them to manage their situation.
It is the story of the small agendas the three girls have during the day – the hopes and disappointments of everyday life.
With respect and tenderness, the film gets us close to the girls and their families, it’s an insisting view on a culture kept within another.

“Angels of Brooklyn” continues the visual tradition which Jacob A. Riis started in 1890 with “How the Other Half Lives”, and which Jacob Holdt continued in the 1970s with “American Pictures”. It is the story about living in New York when you are not from the fortunate part of the social classes.
It is the story about how history repeats itself.