The true story about the Golden Horns which were never melted.

Sofie, Jonas and Emma are moving to Copenhagen with their parents, Tove and Asbjorn, because Asbjorn got a job at The National Museum in the school service section.
On his first day at the job, he is tasked with the responsibility for an open-air performance which the museum sets up every year.
Tove is busy as well, she is planning to use the summer holidays redoing their new house, while Sofie and Jonas are busy exploring the city.

However, one day the kids get an unexpected visit from the Old Nordic Gods, Loke, Thor, Heimdal and Ydun, who need help to get the original Golden Horns back. They explain to the kids that a long time ago the copies of the Golden Horns were switched with the real ones to fool the enemy, but the Giants found out the truth and are now on their way to steal and destroy the Golden Horns.
If the Giants succeed, the human race will die out and the divine strength of the Gods will come to an end.

But the only way to get the Golden horns to safety is to steal them from the National Museum.

With cunning and ingenuity, they manage to steal the real Golden Horns only to discover that the evil Giant Thrym, and his hopeless helper Kvalm, have run away with them.
The Gods are now about to lose their divine strength forever, but they won’t give up without a fight.

At the premiere of Asbjorn’s open-air performance, the final battle between Giants and Gods begins. With the Gods on one side and the Giants Thrym and Kvalm, on the other, they mix with the amateur actors and throw themselves into the fight for the real Golden Horns.

After a colossal fight, the Gods finally get the two Golden Horns from Thrym and Kvalm and then a miracle takes place; the sky opens, the rainbow Bifrost hits the ground and Odin steps down amid the gasping crowd.
He takes the Golden Horns and thanks Sofie and Jonas for saving them. Now he can bring the Golden Horns back to Asgard where they will be safe from humans and giants.
The Gods are going to return to Asgard with him. On the square in front of the scene all you can hear is a big applause: Everybody agrees that this is the most amazing Viking play they have ever seen- such amazing special effects!

They salute Asbjorn as the big director he clearly is.