12-year-old Josefine hates Christmas because it’s the same day as her birthday. Luckily, she comes across a mysterious and powerful Time Machine that takes her back to Biblical times. She meets the 12-year-old Jesus, and Josefine is whirled into a fantastic tale of time, space, the Bible and the history of the world. The story of Christmas gets well and truly messed up, and Satan tries to take advantage of the new situation. Josefine reveals to Jesus that he has special powers and that he isn’t just an ordinary kid. They become friends and he visits Josefine; her mother who is a priest; her father; and her adorable younger brother, in present time. Her school friend, Oscar, becomes jealous, but helps Josefine and her new friends from Nazareth to fight Satan in a smart and non-violent way. The clash between the historic and present time is described with wit and humour as when Jesus’s father Joseph finds Josefine’s cell phone.

From episode to episode we follow the children’s exciting adventures with time, traditions and Good & Evil. Alongside the fantasy story we learn facts from history and the Bible, in a very charming and entertaining way.
“Jesus and Josefine” is a truly innovative story that had everyone in Denmark discussing Christianity and the struggle between Good and Evil. Bible sales rocketed and vicars quoted the series in their sermons.