“War” is an examination of human behaviour under the extreme conditions of war. Both the atrocities we are able to perform and the price we have to pay for these atrocities – but also of the hope that lies in the compassion shown under the hardest conditions imaginable.

The film takes its departure together with the private soldier in World War I, who is denied his normal pattern of behaviour: If he thinks of anything other than killing and surviving – he will end up dead or insane.
In this contradiction lie the trap and the moral debate.

This ‘innocent killer’ is the film’s storyteller. During the film he will take on different faces. He will turn into the haunted soldier from the war in ex-Yugoslavia, and into the Dutch UN-corporal who powerlessly experienced the ethnic cleansing in Srebrenica.
But just as important are the words and the stories from a surviving prisoner of a German concentration camp in northern Norway during WW II.
A story about dignity and human hope in the context of extreme conditions and brutal punishment.