In the idyllic suburban community of Park Road, things are not quite as they seem, as everyone is trying to keep up appearances. But on closer inspection, you realize you are only scratching at the surface of lives full of secrets, lies and deception.

Park Road (Lærkevej) is an astounding ensemble story of lies, love, secrets, suburban gravel and black humour.

Each one of the residents of Park Road has a fatal secret that keeps driving them into absurd and comic situations. And it is precisely one of those situations that get the story going and forces the siblings Katrine, Sune and Mathilde to flee the big city and seek refuge in the safe and idyllic suburban community of Park Road.

Here they become acquainted with the other residents of the road – the mildly alcoholic divorcee Elisabeth, the gossipy hairdresser Monica, the lone wolf and restaurant owner Andreas, and the physician Astrid, who is married to the accountant Kim.

At first the three siblings believe to have found the perfect hideout where they can cover up their secrets. But they soon discover they are sadly mistaken – they have simply jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. As they are about to learn, no matter how fast and far you run, you cannot escape your past.