When Elisabeth dramatically collapses at her own party, secrets are revealed and new desires spring to life for the residents of Park Road. This sets everyone to thinking, and a chance encounter between the married couple, Kim and Astrid, and Astrid’s old flame, the dashing doctor, Per, becomes a catalyst for trying something new. With the greatest of appetites, they throw themselves into swinger sex with Per and his wife, Karina. The only problem is that Astrid has a healthier appetite than Kim, and sex with Karina turns out to be rather complicated. Meanwhile, Torben, Elisabeth’s boyfriend and a member of the Home Guard, has forged his own plans. Hoping to save Elisabeth’s life, he embarks on a hunt for a new kidney for Elisabeth. Nothing seems to get in his way. But as the endeavour looks increasingly impossible, he resorts to more drastic methods, and with hidden motives, invites Elisabeth’s deeply religious twin sister to visit.

“Park Road – till death do us part” is a comedy that celebrates life and reveals what have until now been unknown sides of the residents on the popular road.