A dramatic documentary about a major Danish politician, Mogens Lykketoft, and his attempt to become prime minister of Denmark. He is the front figure of the Social Democrats, the party that dominated Danish politics in the 20th Century, and the film follows Lykketoft’s campaign to regain power after a period of conservative-liberal dominance.

The film is a unique portrayal of a politician and gives unique insight into a world that is normally closed to the public. Lykketoft Finale is a film about a political system in turmoil. Mogens Lykketoft has an indomitable belief in rational political debate in a time where presentation is everything. He never seems to get his messages across in a public arena that has already cast him as the loser. Furthermore, his fellow party members and traditional supporters of the Social Democrats are remarkably silent in the campaign. Mogens Lykketoft is caught between his own idealistic self-perception and the image of him as elitist and power-seeking perpetuated by the press. The film is a journey through embarrassing collisions with the press, lonely moments, and desertion by party members.