Josefine meets Thorsen, an old man who gives her an amulet that has the power to send its bearer back in time. Reluctant at first, Josefine ends up accepting the gift from the friendly stranger.
Driven by curiosity, she and her boyfriend Oskar travel back in time to an age when witches were burnt at the stake. Here they meet two of Oskar’s ancestors: Peder and his little sister. The little sister is gravely ill, and Josefine, realising that the girl is only suffering from a throat infection, acts fast, giving her penicillin and saving her life. But soon word gets around that an angel has come to save the villagers and more patients appear.
Dark forces are also at play, however, and it isn’t long before Josefine herself is accused of witchcraft for helping the villagers with ‘magic’ remedies. And who is behind these accusations? None other than the old man, Thorsen, who far from being a friendly stranger, traps Josefine and threatens to have her burnt at the stake.
But with the help of their newfound medieval friend Peder, Josefine and Oskar fight back, defeating Thorsen by turning his evil spells against him and returning home to the future safe and sound.