When the siblings Valdemar and Sille are left home alone for four days, Valdemar seizes the opportunity to test drive his dad’s new Audi. Things take an unfortunate turn when Valdemar crashes the car. The repairs cost 70,000 kroner, an amount Valdemar cannot afford. By sheer accident he encounters the physicist Benedict who convinces Valdemar to try the time machine he has invented. All of a sudden, Valdemar finds himself back in the year 963, in the royal yard of Harald I of Denmark where, surprisingly, he sees Benedict. It turns out that Benedict has become immortal after being enchanted by a “Vølv”. But eternal life is a cold life deprived of friends and love. Benedict’s only wish is to lift the curse of the “Vølv” and live a normal life. In order to earn the money for the car repairs, Valdemar and Sille agree to travel back in time to unearth the cross that can lift the curse.