Refining the TV drama genre, Cosmo Film produces high-quality TV drama series, which delights, moves and entertains audiences across the world. With an emphasis on clearly orchestrated storylines and well-defined characters, Cosmo Film involves the best talent in the industry to achieve an ambitious and competitive level of quality.

Cosmo Film is a well-established independent production company based in Copenhagen founded in 1992 by producers Rasmus Thorsen and Tomas Hostrup-Larsen, both graduates from the National Film School of Denmark. Cosmo Film has created countless successful TV series, feature films, documentaries and short films.

In 2003, Cosmo Film focused their activities on TV series and produced ”Jesus & Josephine” – a Christmas special in 24 episodes. Since then, Cosmo Film has produced more than 70 hours of Danish primetime TV drama and the company is behind internationally acclaimed TV drama series such as ”Anna Pihl” (sold to 60 territories) and ”Park Road” (sold to 70 territories)

Cosmo Film’s latest success includes Christmas TV series ”The Wish” in 24 episodes, which aired on TV2 Denmark in December 2015. It had an impressive consistent share of 48% as well as a viewer satisfaction rate of 4,5/5 on the final episode.


The production company currently has five TV series in development including the confirmed Christmas series “Juleeventyret” set to air on TV2 Denmark in December 2017 and the international thriller “Greyzone”.