The Wish
In this TV Christmas calendar Julie’s only wish is to celebrate Christmas Eve with her family, but her parents both have to work. Up in Heaven the angels hear Julie’s wish and the young angel Rafi is sent to Earth to help make it come true. During their quest they also have to find a demon that has returned after 400 years of absence.
Format: TV-series, 24 x 24 min.
Årstal: 2015
Forfatter: Ina Bruhn, Flemming Klem, Carina Kamper, & Simon Oded Weil
Instruktør: Carsten Myllerup
Producer: Mogens Hagedorn & Rasmus Thorsen
Cast: Olivia Hillingsø, Jonathan Lindinger, Helmer Solberg, Signe Skov, Esben Dalgaard, Marijana Jankovic, Allan Hyde